The Field-IQ™ crop input control system provides key precision agriculture functionality for your flow and application control, including...

Variable Rate Application Control - Save on input costs by monitoring and simultaneously varying up to 6 different materials to precisely plant seeds, apply chemicals, and broadcast fertilisers.

  • Keep as-applied mapping records of inputs
  • Adjust your seed, fertiliser or spray rates manually or using a prescription created with Farm Works™ Mapping software
  • For more efficient fertiliser utilisation, add a GreenSeeker® system

Automatic Section Control - Increase your profits by avoiding double coverage and eliminating wasted inputs using automatic or manual section control.

  • Automatically control up to 48 rows individually for maximum savings and increased yields
  • See where you have been and what you have done with overlap detection
  • Eliminate overlap by adding Tru Count Air Clutches® and Tru Count LiquiBlock™ Valves

Boom Height Control - Maintain even material application when spraying, minimise environmental impact, and reduce operator fatigue.

  • Automatically adjust the height of boom sections with sensors that measure the distance between ground cover or plant canopy, resulting in an even application of materials
  • Ensure the health of neighbouring crops and minimise environmental impact by eliminating off-target applications of products
  • Automatic height sensing reduces operator fatigue by eliminating the need for manual boom switching

Seed Monitoring - Monitor real-time seeding information or fertiliser delivery lines and prevent costly planter problems by catching them early before they cause yield reduction.

  • See the results of singulation analysis, including information on population, singulation, skips/multiples, spacing, and quality of spacing

Spinner Speed Control - Automatically control spinner speed for spreader application systems.