Archdale Land Services Ltd was formed in September 2006 with the aim of providing precision agricultural products and services to growers and farmers in the south-west of the UK. We are based in Cornwall which is an ideal location from which to support the products and services supplied in the region.

We are primarily focused on the provision of advanced GPS technology to mainstream agriculture. The use of this technology in all sectors from salad & vegetable growing to livestock production has shown increases in efficiency of operations and cost savings as a result.

The use of this technology can only be cost effective when using a good quality product supported by an experienced and professional team. With this in mind we are proud to be in a position to represent AS Communications (UK) Ltd in the southwest. AS Communications has had 20 years experience in communications in the agricultural market and are UK approved dealers for Trimble® Agriculture, Dakota Micro® camera monitoring systems, DICKEY-john® Farmstead product control systems and Farm Works® farm management software. In addition to providing GPS hardware we are also able to offer precision digital whole farm mapping, GPS soil sampling and soil analysis.

Introducing the new Soil Scout system

Knowing what the conditions are like under the ground is important, but receiving the information wirelessly and cost-effectively was a task – until now. Meet the Soil Scout, a small, durable wireless sensor that can report back hourly to a base station for up to 20 years maintenance free. It will report soil moisture, temperature and salinity in near real-time to an online account, giving you an overview of the conditions from wherever you are.